We may have heat and rainstorms on our minds right now, but snow will be falling before we know it.

So when exactly can the QC expect to see the white stuff? It could end up being sooner rather than later, if history is any indication.

According to the National Weather Service, the average date for the first measurable snowfall in our area is mid-November. We usually get at least a dusting before Thanksgiving. However, Eastern Iowa has seen snow as early as the beginning of October and even the end of September. Yep, as in a couple of weeks from now.

Moline's earliest snowfall occurred on October 18, 1972, and it was a whopping two inches of accumulation. What a chilly fall that must have been. And Cedar Rapids had some really bad luck back in 1942 when they received a half an inch of snow before the end of September.

Is it likely that snow will come that early? Probably not, but as we've learned from having freezing cold temps through the spring the last couple of years, you never quite know what Mother Nature has in store.

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