The most mentioned New Year's Eve parties in the Quad Cities.

It's the biggest milestone following Christmas. Ringing in the New Year can be the best night ever (or the worst night), depending on where you go and the company you are with. I've had my fair share of amazing, wonderful and unforgettable New Year celebrations and some, I'd rather not remember or mention.

Ringing in the New Year right, always means a great get together with your favorite people around you. Some of my friends are ordering pizza and staying in and others are looking to paarrrtttaayyyyy.

Here are the parties in the QC that keep making their way back to me so I can share them with you. The hardest part now is choosing which one to go to.

RIDRS - in the District of Rock Island

Karaoke Party at Harrington's Pub

The Office in Davenport has got a great local Top 40 DJ spinning the hits on NYE

Casino Royale (Black Jack, Roulette, Craps) at Fricks, Davenport

Burlesque Show in Rock Island at the Speakeasy

and there is even something for all ages and kid-friendly at QC Family Entertainment

If your isn't listed, join the conversation and list in the comments on our Facebook page at B100 Quad Cities.