There's a karaoke competition you don't want to miss.

Whether you are 'that' person or you have a friend who is, karaoke can be a sport. It's something you don't want to miss each week, you practice all the time for it, you have a 'greatest hits' list of songs you sing the best, and you just have fun.

I had my fair share of time in the karaoke world, myself. A few years back, a group of people at a local pub near my apartment, would all get together to do karaoke every Thursday. Little did we all know we'd become friends and remains so to this day. Karaoke bonded us and we found ourselves gathering outside of the pub to sing together, try new songs and even write together. They even helped take care of me when I fell down the stairs of the stage and broke my pinky toe singing a Madonna song.

I went on to emcee an Illinois State karaoke competition and even performed a couple of songs. It was super fun and exciting. People traveled from all over to karaoke their hearts out and vie for the king or queen competition.

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