If there is one universal truth to life, it might be this: ice cream will never let you down. And Whitey's ice cream is one of my go-to's for all of life's moments- happy, sad, celebrating, or feeling festive. Hence why I'm so pumped about the QC chain's holiday flavors.

Yeah, kind of drooling over Whitey's Facebook pic displaying the holiday flavors. Egg Nog, Chocolate Cherry Bon Bon, Peppermint, and German Chocolate Cake are back. Peppermint was my obsession over last winter, and I can't wait to get my hands on it again. The minty concoction seemed to everybody's favorite, judging by all of the Facebook comments about it. And I have never tried their German Chocolate Cake, but I am dying to get my hands on it.

I will be that person though, and say that I can't really get behind eggnog ice cream. Then again, I can't get behind drinking regular old eggnog either. To each their own, I suppose.

Here's to spending the holiday weekend eating plenty of good desserts, including Whitey's.

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