B100 is brunching at Daiquiri Factory today and we have your chance to win some tickets!

Sarah is hanging out at Kwik Star Festival of Trees parade, which benefits the Quad City Arts. Over 30,000 people experience the 10-day Festival of Trees each year and an additional 45,000 watch the Holiday Parade, making this event one of the largest attractions in the Quad Cities and the unofficial kick-off to the holiday season.

Daiquiri Factory has breakfast food & hot chocolate available this (Saturday) morning beginning at 9:00 a.m. before the parade begins at 10. Come enjoy breakfast (on their heated patio) with Sarah as we gear up for the parade and enter to win some cool stuff!

Daiquiri Factory Facebook
Daiquiri Factory Facebook

B100 has your chance to win tickets to the World's Toughest Rodeo at the Vibrant Arena at the Mark! Once the parade begins, Sarah will call the winner!

*Must be present at parade to win*

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Holiday Parade, taking place in downtown Davenport. Broadcast live by KWQC-TV6, this free event features giant helium character balloons, including an entrance by Elvis, Santa Garfield, Oscar the Grouch, Kermit the Frog, and more.

The parade is the kickoff of the Festival of Trees. There's a litany of events coming up for it. Tomorrow is the Rather Curious Brunch and Tuesday is the SugarPlum Ball. You can get more details about tickets for all of the events and info you need to know before you go check out the Christmas trees at this link.

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