Scary news from the Clinton Police Department. According to a recent Facebook post, QCA women have been the target of harassment from men in the parking lots of Clinton Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Jewel. The Police Department was quick to explain each occurrence since much speculation has been floating around social media.

Several incidents were brought up in the post, including a man asking women for rides at Walmart, a man approaching a woman's car while she was sitting in it with her child (also at Walmart), 4 men wearing dark clothing acting suspicious at Hobby Lobby, and a man harassing a woman in the parking lot at Jewel. You can see full details in the post here.

Although these incidents seem unrelated, according to WQAD, the Clinton PD is ramping up patrols in the area near the stores to be on the safe side. This isn't the first time area women have reported feeling unsafe at local businesses. Last summer, I shared a story about a woman that had a scary experience with a panhandler at Kohls on Elmore in Davenport. I have also been approached many times in the QC by people asking for money or acting weirdly. If you ever feel threatened, don't hesitate to call the police immediately.

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