I saw a movie at a local theater for the first time since March, and it was Wonder Woman 1984. The theaters were following all CDC guidelines, and provided a safe and fun experience. The movie also provide a fun ride.

I was surprised to see how many awful reviews were left by viewers.

Let's get one thing out of the way, yes this is a dumb super hero movie, but it's not trying to hide that. Right off the bat you can tell it's going to be cheesy and fun. After all it is a movie based off of comics. It feels weird seeing all these people angry that a movie based of off a super hero is "unrealistic and cheesy."

There are a few continuity errors, and a handful of unanswered questions, but not enough for it to stand out. It had no more than any other super hero movie.

It seems as though everyone holds super hero movies to the standard of Marvel's "Infinity War" or "End Game." Movies that took years of million dollar budget movies to set up. "Infinity War" also had a budget of $316 million and "End Game" had had a budget of $365 Million. Compared to WW84's $200 million. Still a lot to put into a movie, but much less. "Infinity War" and "End Game" shouldn't be super hero movie standards rather outliers in my opinion.

I don't think WW84 is a masterpiece, or some GREAT movie, but it certainly isn't a 1 star movie like may are giving it on IMDb. That's putting it lower than movies like Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004), Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010) Disaster Movie (2008), and other way worse movies. All this hate feels weird and out of place. This is one of the first large blockbuster movies to come out after the pandemic was declared in March, and it feels like we are putting our hate into this movie.

Others hate this movie for political reasons and due to Gal Gadot's personal life. Saying it is out of touch, and offensive to have her in this movie. Which brings up the question were to draw the line when it comes to "separating the art form the artist." Clearly this movie has left a bad taste in peoples mouths when it comes to social issues.

I'm not one to comment on the intense social issues of the actress playing Wonder Woman, I'm not qualified, and personally I just saw this as a dumb super hero movie. I am only rating it as that. As far as movies go I thought Pedro Pascal was a fun comic book villain. While Gal Gadot  and Chris Pine had fun chemistry. Over all I give this movie a 6.5 out of 10.

Hopefully other block busters can pull off better reviews by the public soon. Or maybe Wonder Woman 3 can do that, seeing as though it has officially been announced.

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