We've entered that time of the year where everyone is shooting off fireworks at all random times in the night. It gets pretty bad here in the Quad Cities, but at this time of the year, almost everywhere has people shooting off fireworks.

According to CPSC, In the calendar year of 2019, there were an estimated 10,000 fireworks-related, emergency department-treated injuries.

Things were a bit quieter in 2020, but this year is going to see some major shows not just professionally but by a lot of random people who bought some major prior technics.

While many people are safe, some are not. It's important to remember to stay safe this year and not to have a lapse in judgment. Something that sounds obvious now might not in the moment.

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Sometimes it's something small like setting off a firework to close to your house and causing damage to the roof, Golden rule contractors stated,

As roofers, we’ve seen pretty much everything when it comes to “ways your roof can be ruined,’ including fireworks. If you’ve ever performed your own mini-pyrotechnics show in your driveway and watched sparks and debris rain down over your home, you might have an idea of what we’re talking about.

Sometimes a major mistake can have an awful outcome. I had a friend a few years back whose dad thought it was safest to set a firework off his roof because it was the flattest area. Thankfully there was only slight damage, but my friend's dad did fall off the roof breaking his collar bone. He's okay now!

As always Quad Cities stay safe and stay smart!

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