Every year around this time, I see it posted on a friend's Facebook status. In fact, I was just tagged in one of the posts the other day. The "Secret Sister Gift Exchange" has been making the rounds again in the QCA and all over the US.

Each time I see the post, I roll my eyes and send the person a private message telling them that not only is the gift exchange not legit, but it's actually illegal.

According to NBC Chicago, the Better Business Bureau says the scam is a pyramid scheme. The Facebook post- which is typically copied and pasted- instructs each lady involved to send one holiday gift and they will receive up to 36 gifts in return.

The problem? Well, I've never heard of anyone actually receiving 36 gifts (or even one gift) in the mail. And here's why:

And chain letters, by the way, are illegal. So if you see the Facebook post and are just a tiny bit tempted by the idea, stop and remember that. I've heard of several women falling for this and losing out on money because of it. There are plenty of ways to bless the people in your life at Christmas, but this gift exchange is not one of them.


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