In 2019, there are some dances that everyone seems to know by muscle memory. There's the Cupid Shuffle, whatever version of Cotton-eyed Joe you do, and of course, the Chicken Dance.But only one dance makes you feel truly cool: the dance to "Greased Lighting."

It was one of my favorites as a kid. In fact, I'm pretty sure that there's a home video of me dancing along to the whole scene somewhere out there. It was easy to learn, and John Travolta could make anything look good at the time.

Well, this weekend, you can truly recreate the scene. The actual Greased Lighting car will be at the 36th Annual Rod & Custom show over at the QCCA Expo Center. (I've already got my leather jacket ready to go).

The car will be at the show all weekend, beginning on Friday, January 25th. And don't worry; after all these years, she's still systematic, hydromatic and ultramatic.

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