Getty Images, Justin Sullivan

I know you can purchase nearly everything you need at Walmart, but this is just crazy. Customers will soon have the chance to buy a car at their local Walmart store. Well, depending on where they live in the US, that is.

The retail giant has announced plans to partner with auto dealerships in the Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, and Oklahoma City areas. Customers will be able to pick out a new or preowned car through a CarSaver kiosk at their local store and set up an appointment to buy at the dealership nearby. Financing and insurance options for the car can be done over the phone, adding to the convenience factor. The idea is based off of a similar program that's been utilized at select Costco locations with much success.

I guess this means Walmart isn't technically selling them the car, but it still seems like the wave of the future when you can pick out a car while buying toilet paper. No word on whether or not Walmart plans to expand the program nationwide, but I can imagine Quad Cities residents would probably like the convenience of car shopping while doing their every day shopping. Why not kill two birds with one stone, right?

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