I'm sure you have plenty of Johns and Marys in your life currently, but twenty years from now, those names will probably have dwindled in popularity-with Noah and Emma likely replacing them.

Or, in Iowa's case, Oliver and Olivia. The Huffington Post shared the most popular baby names in each state, as reported by the Social Security Administration, and apparently, Iowans have a thing for olives? Or maybe just variations of them? In any case, those two names rule the land here.

Olivia is also the hottest girl's name in Illinois, so I'm sure the Quad Cities are full of little ladies with that moniker (I personally know several Olivias under the age of 5). Other hot names in the US include Ava and William, which Southerners seem to love, along with the aforementioned Noah and Emma.

While Olivia and Oliver are both super cute names (that I happen to love), having a popular name tends to doom you for confusion later in life, especially in school. Trust me, I have plenty of friends born in the 80's and 90's named Jessica. If you are currently expecting a baby or know someone who is, may I suggest something a little bit more creative than the top names? Otherwise, your kid could find themselves being addressed as "Olivia #7" by the time she reaches Kindergarten.

Check out the rest of the top names in the US here.

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