When someone walks up to you and says "What's your sign?" they may not be hitting on you. They may be checking to make sure your on the right career path.

According to Reader's Digest, a astrologist went through all the Zodiac signs and came up with the biggest career strengths for each one.

Here's what "experts" say you should be doing...

1.  If you're an ARIES, you like telling people what to do, and you don't get burnt out very easily.  So you'd make a good manager, or you could own your own business.

2.  If you're a TAURUS, you're shrewd, calculating, and good with money.  So something in finance or accounting would be good.

3.  If you're a GEMINI, you're good at taking complex ideas and boiling them down for people.  So you'd be a good teacher or reporter.

4.  If you're a CANCER, you like taking care of people.  So you might gravitate toward things like nursing, or something in the service industry.

5.  If you're a LEO, you're a natural leader, and you like the spotlight.  So anything where you have an audience is good.  Teacher or politician might be a great fit.

6.  If you're a VIRGO, you like overanalyzing things and making sure every little detail is right.  So you'd be a good writer, stylist, or detective.

7.  If you're a LIBRA, you're open-minded and gravitate toward the arts.  So music, acting, and filmmaking are good.  But you're also patient, so teaching is a good choice.

8.  If you're a SCORPIO, you're good at empathizing with people, and you can also keep a secret.  So you'd be a great therapist.  And Scorpios also make good activists.

9.  If you're a SAGITTARIUS, you like freedom, but also like being part of a team.  So owning your own business, or something in management is good.  You also might like working outdoors.

10.  If you're a CAPRICORN, you're a hard worker who fits into a lot of different careers.  You're just all about climbing the ladder.  So you might do better at a BIG company, where there are clear paths to a promotion.

11.  If you're an AQUARIUS, you can adapt to whatever gets thrown your way.  So it's another one where you can excel in a lot of different careers.  You might just need to stick with it for a while before you'll feel confident.

12.  If you're a PISCES, you're sensitive, creative, and have an active imagination.  So you'd be a good teacher.  Or you could do something in the arts.

If you're not doing what your astrological sign says, don't worry. These might be total nonsense. It's all just a bunch of hocus pocus...OR IS IT?

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