One Illinois Lottery player has a great reason to be in a good mood.

Folks in Illinois are getting really lucky when it comes to playing the lottery. Earlier this year, one woman won $1 million from a ticket she was given. And in Bartlett, Illinois, two big winning lottery tickets were sold within a week of each other at two of the town's gas stations.

Now there's a new first for the Illinois Lottery. According to a press release, the Illinois Lottery now has it's first top prize winner from their new $10 Million game that launched in December.

Illinois Lottery
Illinois Lottery

As you can see, the winner chose to stay anonymous, which I would probably do too. But we do know the ticket was bought at Casey’s at 3499 Fosterburg Road in Alton, Illinois, which is pretty much right on the Illinois/Missouri border, about 18 miles north of St. Louis.

The anonymous winner followed their gut to buy the $50 scratch-off in the first place and it's safe to say it paid off. They told the Illinois Lottery:

Something about the $10 Million game was sticking out to me. I wasn’t in a hurry to scratch it off, I waited until I got home. You could say, ‘I never in “10 million” years thought I’d win the top prize!

The winner has some pretty wise plans for the money. They said they plan to start a college fund for their daughter and buy a house with more space for vintage cars, since they love car shows.

The $10 Million scratch-off does have 3 total top prizes available so there are 2 more of the top prizes available!

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