Hello there! I'm Sarah and if you didn't know, I moved to Davenport from Jonesboro, Arkansas. Warm, humid, rice country Arkansas. We probably average 4" of snow a year. Our schools will close for 1" of snow. So yeah culture shock is coming in hot.

In honor of that, here are 15 of the dozens of thoughts I had when I moved to the QC.

1. Look windmills! We never see windmills in Arkansas.

2. Oh look...more windmills.

Renewable Energy Power Plant Built In Zhangjiakou
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3. Snow!

4. Like a lot of it. (The below picture is a snow Jonesboro got this year. Our schools closed this day. Not kidding.)

attachment-Jboro Snow


5. How does one drive on snow? Can I broadcast live from my apartment if it snows?

6. Do they do frantic milk and bread runs too?

7. My cat will not stop crying in his car carrier. At least I won't be falling asleep on this drive. (This pic was pre-8 hour drive, when my sanity was still in tact.)

Sarah Stringer
Sarah Stringer

8. Alcohol everywhere! Fun cocktails galore! What a change.

9. Omg everyone's so nice.

10. I'll have to go to a QC Storm game.

11. There's no way summers are as humid here as they are in Jonesboro.

12. Do I even own more than one scarf?

13. I've never seen a town with more one-way streets than Davenport.

14. Time to learn routes pretty quick since I'm all kinds of over the Google Maps chick.

15. Must explore downtown.

What places should I check out in the QC? Connect with me on Insta @sarahsonair and let me know!

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