It's the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday season is among us and since it's the time of year when we give gifts, we thought we would give one to you.

No, we don't want to give you a stocking hat, gloves, or anything else that reminds you of the cold, winter months. We want to give you something that screams summer. This present is going to have screams involved as you're going down waterslides.

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Get ready to Deck The Dells with the Quad Cities #1 Hit Music Station, B100! You do need one thing to have a chance to win a free stay at one of the popular resorts in Wisconsin Dells, WI. That's the B100 App.

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Deck The Dells With B100

Tis the season to be jolly and a winner with B100, falalalala-lalalala. This holiday season, we want to hook you up with a gift that's warm and fun for the entire family...

A free stay at the Chula Vista Resort which comes with 4 waterpark passes, $75 in dining, and 4 tickets to zipline.

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How To Win A Free Stay In The Wisconsin Dells

It's super simple to win this free stay at the Chula Vista Resort. Here are the things you need to do for a shot at winning.

Step 1: Download The B100 App


You can download it here or enter your number in the button below to have a link sent to you to download it. Make sure you enable notifications so you know when it's time to listen or to send us something to get qualified to Deck The Dells.

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Step 2: Listen at 10 a.m. & 3 p.m.

Every day at 10 a.m. & 3 p.m. inside each 100 Minutes of Nonstop Hit Music, Connor Kenney and Sarah will tell you a word, phrase, or recording to send us on the B100 app.


The button you need to get familiar with within the app is the Chat Button. It's in the top right corner.


When we tell you to send us something, that's the button you click. That's how you send us requests, tell us to stop playing so much Taylor Swift, etc. After you hit that button, you'll be sent to a screen that looks like this:


See how that works? It's so easy. What's step 3?

Step 3: Answer When We Call You

Not only are you qualified to win a free stay and all of that other stuff at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI, but one person every day from Dec. 11 to Dec. 15 will win $25 to the most popular grocery store in the Quad Cities.


When we call you to tell you that you've won $25 to Hy-Vee or a free stay at the Chula Vista Resort, answer. If you don't, we'll move on.

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Good luck, Merry Christmas, and happy holidays from B100!

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