I used to love taking the time to get myself 'ready.' I barely have enough time to go to the bathroom alone (with a house full of kiddos) so finding the time with my super-packed schedule is a rarity. It's called "finding time" for a reason. Most of us just keep looking.I am growing my hair out again and while I am in that process, I tend to wear a LOT of hats (or should I say I wear hats a lot?).

My "usual" hat and ponytail while my hair grows out.
I try to wear my hair down, but always go back to my hat.

I love hats anyway, but love them more when I don't feel like doing anything with my hair. Hats are my favorite hair hack and my go-to when I have no time to bobby-pin, tease, spray or braid.

When I came across these 22 hair hacks for better hair days, I actually thought about ditching the hat every once in awhile!