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This year, I decided to participate in No-Shave November. I thought trying, keyword trying, to grow a beard would be fun and funny. But there is a strong message behind No-Shave November we all can get behind.

After participating in No-Shave November, I learned about not only about myself, but also about why people do No-Shave November and the noble cause behind it. While a lot of people think that No-Shave November is a chance to grow some chops, a mustache or random hairs like me, a lot of people are actually helping raise awareness about cancer.

Before I get into the noble cause behind No-Shave November, here are a few things that I learned about myself/already kind of knew.

  1. I can't grow a full beard. As you can see in the photos below, November 1 compared to November 30 just looks sad on my face. I knew I couldn't grow a full beard but I really have some work to do.
  2. I can grow a pretty thick mustache. My dad has always had a mustache and I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but it comes in dark and fairly thick. I don't hate it!
  3. I have some red hairs in my facial hair. Red hair runs on my dad's side of the family. I thought the "ginger gene" skipped over me but apparently not so much.
  4. I would have great facial hair for the '70's. I mean, look at those chops!
  5. I can't grow a lot of hair on my neck, and I'm alright with that. No offense but neck beards are kind of gross.
  6. Trimming up thick hair on your face takes practice. On Tuesday, I trimmed up a little after a full month of not shaving and it takes some skill to do so. I didn't want to shave it all off, but cleaning it up definitely took some time. I don't have a lot of experience since I'm 27 and can't grow a full beard... Don't judge me.

Before we get to my embarrassing photos of trying to grow facial hair, here is why No-Shave November is important and what it does during the month of November.

No-Shave November has been going on for awhile, but the official nonprofit organization No-Shave November was founded back in 2009 by the Chicago-based Hill family after their father Matthew Hill passed away from colon cancer in 2007.

"The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Donate the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle."

No-Shave November partners with St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and Prevent Cancer Foundation to spread awareness about cancer and promote No-Shave November.

Just remember next year when you participate in No-Shave November, you're helping raise awareness about cancer and doing it for a great cause. Also, on Tuesday, December 2, McRib's purchased at McDonald's will help support a donation by McDonald's to the charity’s cancer initiatives.

Check out photos of me on November 1 and November 30 to see my progress!

Connor's No-Shave November

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