Who's excited for the Iowa State Fair? You should be. This year, the fair is taking their usual list of decadent carnival foods and kicking it up a notch.

According to the Des Moines Register, a whopping 56 new foods will be introduced at the fair, which starts August 9. Here are a few of the most delicious (and bizarre) sounding creations that will be on tap:

1. Fresh Guacamole: Maybe a little too healthy to be considered fair food, but everyone needs a little break from all the greasy, fried grub.

2. Deep Fried Pecan Pie: Not your grandma's pie. I mean, whoever came up with this idea is a GENIUS.

3. Snickers In A Waffle On A Stick: I think I've died and gone to heaven.

4. Pickle Beer: I'm assuming this means pickle-flavored beer, and I have very mixed feelings about it.

5. Cookie Dough Spaghetti: Okay, now I'm truly horrified, but also intrigued.

The new offerings will compete for the prestigious Iowa State Fair Best New Food award. Visitors to the fair can sample the grub from August 9-14 and cast their votes. The winner will be announced on the 15th.

Check out the rest of the fair's new foods here.

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