Happy International Left-Handers Day!

To the world, this may just seem like another unnecessary, made-up holiday. But all left-handed people – myself included! – this is a day to celebrate our uniqueness! After all, only 11 percent of the population is left-handed.

But here's the thing; it can be hard being a lefty. Some everyday tasks and items are actually a pretty big struggle. Here are five of the worst.

  • 1

    People pointing it out

    Without fail, any time a left-handed person starts writing something, someone will say "Oh, you're left-handed?!"

    Anyone who's right-handed has probably never gotten this question, and it is oftentimes infuriating. So if you happen to come by a lefty and notice it for the first time, silently marvel to yourself.

    We're just people!

  • 2

    Writing in notebooks

    Every notebook has its spine on the lefthand side. It makes sense, given we read and write from left to right. But depending on the size of the notebook, it can actually be really uncomfortable for lefties.

    Sure, we could just flip the notebook, but then people would stare at us, and our notes would be pretty discombobulated (assuming you flip the book every time you get to a new page).

  • 3

    Writing in general

    Righties will never know the pain of writing an entire essay for school, only to pick up your hand and have it covered in lead or ink.

    Our hand literally drags through everything we write, unless we curve it into a weird angle, which only makes people notice we're left-handed MORE.

  • 4


    It's something you probably don't realize, but most mugs are geared toward right-handers. The handle is on the right side of whatever logo or image is printed on the cup.

    The nice thing for lefties is that we get to see the image when we drink from the cup, but no one else gets to see that we have a cool mug. It's trivial, but it's a bit annoying.

  • XiXinXing

    THESE desks

    You might think we don't sit at desks like these once we're out of school, but they come into play surprisingly often! A number of offices have variations on this design in meeting rooms.

    Try writing down ANYTHING when your elbow has no support!

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