Out of all the emojis there are, a few were missing...until now.

Emoji's have become an entirely new form of communication for our texting generations. My kids are constantly explaining what some of the emojis are because, apparently, I've used them incorrectly, at times.

Have you ever tried to have a conversation using only emoji's? It's so much fun until you realize the one you want to send to your breastfeeding friend or yoga friend, or (insert whatever friend here) doesn't exist. I've noticed there are SERIOUS missing emjois for Moms. There aren't pregnant emojis and a serious lack of emojis for parenting, in general.

Perhaps my children would be in support of this because, as a Mom, I'm not supposed to be using emojis!

The teen thing I'll be living through for awhile yet. But the new emojis are just a download away.

According to Vice.com,

See all the new emojis and the sneak peek at the upcoming emoji movie out this August.

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