50 Years ago post office employess in Iowa had the presence of mind to make a time capsule. I feel like we don't do things like this enough anymore. Not sure why but we should start again. This is really neat.

Inside the capsule were:

  • A Des Moines Register edition from Oct. 15, 1968
  • An edition of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine with a letter from the former president of Meredith Corporation
  • An edition of The Washington Post, the Iowa Bystander, the Highland Park News and other newspapers
  • A $2 bill and a half-dollar coin
  • News clippings
  • Information on Des Moines, which had a population of around 268,000 and about 350 factories in 1968
  • Maps of Iowa
  • Pictures and clippings of the Veterans Administration Center from 1968
  • Post Office publications, including one on mail fraud
  • A sheet of half-cent stamps

Des Moines Register Reports: Once Griswold and Droz pried the lid off the copper tube, they found tightly rolled papers.

"Did we really have half-cent stamps?" Griswold asked. "That's really cool."

The time capsule allows central Iowans a chance to reflect on the past, but also imagine the technology of the future, Griswold said.

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