B100's very own Monica Austin will be opening for Wynonna & The Big Noise at the Rust Belt this Friday February 21st. I had a chance to sit down with Monica and talk about her experience With country Music.

Monica has always wanted to open for Judd. She had always told people it was her dream, and now it is coming true, right here in the Quad Cities.

Known for her covers and some amazing originals. She just released an EP, and music video which can be found on her Facebook page. The song is called "Semper Fi-Monica Austin" and is also on YouTube. The best way to describe this beautiful song is with the description of the video which states: "As a nation, we pay tribute to the men and women serving in our Armed Forces. Especially in country music, we honor those who fight for our freedom. We tell stories of heroism. We feel triumph when we see a victorious headline and we mourn a reported loss. So, it is only natural that we find ourselves aligning our political affiliations, personal views and chosen debatable topics based on those headlines. I have witnessed, on many occasions, a well-meaning civilian engage a service-person's family member in conversation looking to validate their own beliefs. "Do you think ____ mission should have happened?" "Isn't it unfair that ____ has to be away for so long at a time?" "Did ___ ever see 'action'?" "Was ____ changed when they came back?" "Isn't it hard taking care of the kids with___gone?" "How much does it pay to be at (insert dangerous location)?" That political hot topic that aired last week...etc..INSTEAD of..."How can I help?" In those instances, I have seen a woman who just lost her husband break down in tears. I have seen parents worried for their children muster the strength to politely answer questions. I have seen long-time friends answer with a punch to the mouth. Every time, I thought "I wish there was a way to make people understand that, job description aside, these families are simply missing/worried for/mourning/struggling to do the day-to-day without someone they love." So, here it is. For all of you who are serving alongside our service men and women...I understand that you are sacrificing daily so that the rest of us have the freedom to do things like ask you dumb questions. And I THANK you. Semper Fi."


Monica grew up in a rural area with a family that loved all kinds of music, but she fell in love with country, and it's ability to tell a story. Now she has that opportunity to tell those stories.

When asked what she was most excited about with this opportunity, Monica showed her true love for country and, Wynonna Judd, stating she was just excited to get to see Judd up close. Also getting the opportunity to do so with her family. the joy in her eyes when she said "right there up close to watch her perform." Truly shows the passion that comes with not only country fans, but performers as well.

The show is right around the corner happening this Friday Febuary 21st, and with Monica Austin having just released her music video on Tuesday February 18th it's clear that this country singer has a lot of big things planned this year.

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