When it comes to watching a sports game on TV, or listening to it live on the radio, there are certain factors that make or break the experience. For me, the top one is snacks. But a close second is whoever is announcing the game, play by play.

Everybody has a favorite – or maybe least favorite announcer (cough, Joe Buck, cough). But for this year's Super Bowl, the Quad Cities will have a familiar voice on the mic! From May 2005 to August 2007, J.B. Long was a sports reporter and anchor for the Quad Cities' CBS affiliate.

These days, he's the official radio voice of the Los Angeles Rams. With that comes the exciting opportunity for him to call the game live on air.

Of course, if you're watching the game on TV, you'll probably see different faces. On that end of things, it'll be former NFL player Tony Romo, veteran sportscaster Jim Nantz, former college lacrosse star Evan Washburn, and lead field/floor reporter Tracy Wolfson.

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