Have a sweet tooth? This place is right up your alley.

Icy Bubbles, a rolled ice cream/smoothie/boba tea shop, recently opened in Moline. The dessert spot is located on 16th St. across from SouthPark Mall.

If you're not familiar with rolled ice cream, it's a popular snack in Thailand that's made by spreading ingredients into a thin layer, freezing them, and rolling the mixture up. Other toppings can be added on top.

Popular flavors and toppings at Icy Bubbles include "By the Campfire," which features graham cracker flavored ice cream topped with chocolate wafer and toasted marshmallows, and "Unicorn," featuring fruity pebble ice cream topped with mini mochi and Fruity Pebbles cereal.

Icy Bubbles also sells smoothies, Thai iced coffee and iced tea, and milk tea.

Check out Icy Bubbles' full menu here.

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