The Quad Cities just joined surrounding communities that all offer donor breastmilk.To say this issue is near and dear to me, would be an understatement. Not only was I born preemie, who needed breastmilk at only 2 pounds, as an adult, I have donated my own breastmilk to a friend whose baby needed it until she was able to nurse. It was one of most precious things and we are all still very close to this day.

I couldn't be happier that Rock Island County joined the likes of Peoria and surroudning areas in offering a place for mothers to donate for babies in NICU.

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“Human milk is most beneficial for preterm and ill infants,” said Dr. Julie Voelker, medical director of the Rock Island County Health Department. “Human milk has antibodies that formula does not contain. These help babies fight infection.”

Mothers interested in donating their milk can get more information by calling 563-327-2078 or 309-558-2881.