A coffee drink named after the undead, oozing with "blood" and topped with ooey, gooey "eyeballs": Not exactly my idea of a delicious treat. But fans of Davenport shop The Coffee Revolution are eating the gruesome Zombie drink up...Literally.

The Coffee Revolution has started serving up many seasonal drinks, and The Zombie might just be the grossest concoction I've ever seen. Compromised of blended coffee with vanilla bean, splattered with crushed strawberry, and topped with strawberry eyeballs, the drink appears to be winning over customers. The shop's Facebook page garnered over 170 shares when they posted about the drink's return.

If you're too grossed out to indulge in The Zombie, The Coffee Revolution has plenty of other Halloween-themed drinks to try, including a S'mores Frappe and Caramel Apple Monster cooler.

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