The little stretchy foamy thing we put on our beverages is a necessity for sure but can we all agree to avoid this nickname for it?

An encounter I had over the weekend will be one of those moments I remember at 3:02 a.m. for the next few years.

Let's preface this by saying: there are a ton of viable nicknames for koozies. It's a weird thing that for whatever reason people have a lot of whimsical names for. A few that I have heard include:

  • Coolies
  • Sleeves
  • Jackets
  • Any variation of 'koozies', including cosies or cozies.
  • Cup holder
  • Drink holder

It's a popular commodity to have. When you guys all came to see us at the Mississippi Valley Fair, everyone wanted to win a koozie in our Plinko game because the frosty beers are cold to hang on to. I agree, I have a big stack of koozies that have been privy to many pool parties and outdoor events.

But this nickname I heard over the weekend is terminal. 

As a female, creepy moments are part of normal life. This moment on Friday night seemed no different but it very much was, although it's just as cringy in a most unnormal way. Here's how this played out:

I was at United Township in East Moline for the B100 Tailgate Tour. Nothing was out of place, just enjoying myself, getting sunburnt from lack of SPF, ready for some early season football, all typical stuff. As always, on the table in front of me rested my laptop, our big radio, and a bunch of our koozies and station swag. A man, probably in his 30's-40's walks up to me with the most curious question:

What do I have to do to get a huggie?

Obviously, like you, my first thought is 'ew' followed by a blank stare and a streak of confusion. Did he mean a 'koozie'? Let's walk through my thoughts in that moment.

Now, dear readers, here's what "huggies" viably are:

A diaper brand

Huggies Facebook
Huggies Facebook

An embrace


Just as I was about to crack a joke about how "huggies" cost extra, I paused and looked at his demeanor. Not remotely flirty, not creepy, but sincerely curious. That's when I realized. After much confusion, I figured out he meant that he wanted a koozie. He called a koozie a "huggie". 

What Huggies Are Not

A portable drink holder has many nicknames. But "huggie" should not be among them. This is not a "huggie":

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

My Question To You Is This

Is this a thing? Have you heard a koozie called this or have you called a koozie this? I've never heard this nickname for a koozie in my life (and hope to never again). If you ever come up to me and call a koozie a "huggie" I may actually throw one at you.

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