It's happening on 22nd Street but this couple doesn't mind.

A Facebook page and a couple of great men, are helping change the lives of children and adult 'elves' around the world. In fact, what these guys are doing to fulfill Christmas wishes is so wonderful, it's caught the attention of actress and author, Tina Fey. She will be producing a movie about what  Miracle on 22nd Street is all about.

This adorable couple began receiving letters addressed to Santa at their apartment as they were celebrating their first Christmas together. According to, the couple answering the letters, have resulted in a global giving movement.

"They were able to get 150 letters fulfilled of the 450 they received in 2010. But for the past six years, the letters haven’t stopped. And even though Glaub and Dylan have long since moved out from their apartment rental, they’ve dedicated each holiday season to making sure the families in need who write to Santa have their wishes granted."

Although this couple doesn't live in their New York apartment, mistaken for Santa's address, they still continue to receive the letters and answer them. There is a campaign right now to raise money so they can answer every letter and meet the needs of those who contact them.

If you'd like to jump on the giving sleigh-wagon, click HERE.