A local nursing home is under fire for allegedly mistreating elderly patients.

According to Local News 4, the Heartland Healthcare Center in Moline is being accused of neglect by several former patients and patients' family members.

Warren Wren is one of the people speaking out about Heartland. He claims that after entering the facility in 2016, he was often ignored by staff members, not given medication at the proper times, and not bathed for most of his ten-day stay.

Another former patient named Majorie Boyd made a statement to Local News 4 alleging that during her stay, she woke up in the middle of the night on the floor with no memory of how she got there. Her fall resulted in fracturing her femur and her three week stay turned into two months.

"They said I didn't put my light on to get up but I have no memory of anything after they gave me my pain med and except to cry for help on the floor. I have no memory of the next 48 hours...I know they filled out a major incident report for the state but I never heard any more about it."

A third patient named James Leffler allegedly died suddenly three days after entering the facility.

Heartland gave the following statement to Local News 4 in response to the above claims:

"We strive to create a secure and safe environment for all patients and will continue to ensure the health and safety of our patients."