Well it's official, sandler is on a role with his Netflix movies. They are doing so well that another agreement was made. We will be getting at least four more movies.

According to the Verge, Netflix has once again extended its contract with Adam Sandler and his production company, Happy Madison Productions, for another four films for the streaming service. The company also announced that Sandler’s comedy Murder Mystery was its most popular movie in 2019, and the single most-watched piece of content on its service last year in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Singapore, and UAE.

These past few years have been great for Snadler after his rough patch in the 2010's with a lot of box office flops, and critically disliked movies. Acting wise has been great for him too. Sandler recently starred in A24’s critically acclaimed drama Uncut Gems. While not part of Sandler’s broader deal, the film was also co-financed by Netflix, and premieres in the US in May.

It appears that Netflix viewers seem to really like Sandler’s sense of humor. According to Netflix, customers have spent over two billion hours watching Sandler’s films on Netflix since The Ridiculous 6 premiered in 2015, with over 83 million households watching Murder Mystery in its first four week. That is one of the most watched film collection on the Netflix platform, and with so many other streaming services to compete with Netflix needs to find an edge. Adam Sandler seems to be that edge.

Sandler and Netflix haven't recently released anymore details about these four movies,but it seems like the will be starting production ASAP. Hopefully Sandler can keep on track with recent success and critically acclaimed movies. Only time will tell.

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