If you thought traffic in the Quad Cities was going to start being a nightmare on Monday, I hate to be the bearer of bad news right now.

As we learned yesterday, the River Drive ramp is going to be the only way to get on I-74 W to get over the bridge. But River Drive itself is a mess right now. This afternoon, officials closed roughly two miles of the road due to flooding, according to WQAD.

The closure spans from 25th Street to 55th Street in Moline, and it's unclear when it will be reopened. In the meantime, traffic is being diverted off River Drive at University Drive, onto 34th Street, and then to 4th Avenue.

Unfortunately, this is just the start of the flooding expected to happen this weekend. The Rock River is already above the normal level and is expected to only increase this weekend. Be safe during your St. Patrick's Day celebrations!

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