The controversial A&E series Adults Adopting Adults has been canceled after just three episodes.

On Thursday (Feb. 24), Variety reported that the show was canceled due to low ratings. Originally, the series was scheduled for a 10-episode run on the A&E network, app and The three aired episodes were pulled from all of its platforms.

The show first debuted in December and the official synopsis read that its goal was to tell “incredible stories of adults seeking legal adoption for either a sincere desire for a true family experience or perhaps more questionable motives.”

After the first episode premiered, one couple went viral for their conversations and actions. Danny and Christy Huff adopted pregnant 20-year-old Austrian Ileana. However, this would be their second attempt at adopting an adult. They first tried to welcome an 18-year-old woman but Danny ended up having feelings for her. Christy noted in a confessional that her husband has previously been unfaithful to her.

Social media users questioned if it was Danny being creepy that made the show get canceled. Mr. Huff told The Daily Beast that the rumor is "absolutely false." He added, “I never had any inappropriate actions, words, comments, anything to her.”

Danny ended up paying for all of her doctor appointments and even set her up in a trailer just outside their front door. He even told her, “I want you to stay right here because I like hugging you and you’re awfully sweet.” His actions did not go unnoticed by social media. Along with going viral for his actions on the show, he also made headlines after he posted a racist video to his since-deleted TikTok account.

"Racism is alive and well in this country, unfortunately, it comes from the Blacks," he said in the clip. Whites aren’t racist for the most part, we don’t care. Black History Month, BET, all-Black colleges, Black Lives Matter, these are just examples of how racism is alive and well in this country."

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