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JoeExoticTV via YouTube
JoeExoticTV via YouTube

Have you seen 'Tiger King' on Netflix yet? If you have, then you're already excited to watch and listen to the crazy, tiger lovin', Carole Baskn hatin', Tiger King Joe Exotic's music videos. You can see these videos and more on his YouTube channel, JoeExoticTV.

Some of these videos were featured in the show. Some of these are brand new and will soon be added to your 'Tiger King' playlist. As Carole Baskin probably said before she fed her husband to the tigers, let's get this over with.

1. “I Saw A Tiger” - ...Classic.


2. “My First Love” - which features his husband that ended up not really being gay.


3. “Alisa’s Memory” – I'm going to guess this is a memorial song.


4. “Do You Ever Wonder What Love Could Do?” – Where is Sarah McLaughlin to teach him how to get people to cry and donate money?


5. “Say Something” - Joe obviously didn't write this song.


6. “Pretty Woman Lover” - Umm.. Women? I'm confused now.


7. “The Sun Says” - I think this is for his parents who seem dead in the video but aren't dead?


8. “Country Music Artist” - The title is misleading. He is definitely the Tiger King, not a country music artist.

I hope you enjoyed a mini Joe Exotic concert. If he ever goes on tour, Carole Baskin better watch out.

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