At one point this show was unstoppable. Everyone and their grandma knew about it, and while American Horror Story still has a huge following the show may not be as big as it once was. It's one of the network's most popular original programs.

It looks like this show will also be getting new life into it. The AHS universe of  will now include a spinoff series that tells standalone tales of suspense. The new series, American Horror Stories, will tell one-episode stories that stand completely on their own.

I love this idea. Obviously they aren't the first to do this on TV, but it opens many doors into this AHS world.

Ryan Murphy announced a couple of weeks ago that he was working on the new series, though there were no concrete details at the time. On Tuesday, FX announced that it had picked up American Horror Stories to series.

According to Murphy first revealed that he'd been working on American Horror Stories when he posted about a Zoom call with the core AHS cast, and it's very likely that we will see at least a few of them in the spinoff as well as new seasons of the original series!

So far fans love this idea spreading mostly love, and as a fan of the show myself I can't wait to see this even though at this time, there's no telling when new AHS will be airing on FX.

Are you excited for this new series?

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