You're probably wondering, what is so cool about renting a dumpster? Most people might just view it as a huge smelly bin that sits in front of your house while you throw garbage into it. These dumpsters, though, are quite different. Not only would one call them beautiful, but the stories behind some of the dumpsters are worth hearing.

Addison Templeton is the 22-year-old owner of AT Disposal, a roll-off dumpster rental service located in DeWitt Iowa. Templeton graduated from Central DeWitt high school in 2017 and decided to start his business in August of 2020. Templeton, however, does not rent out just any old dumpsters, his containers are, well, beautiful! Templeton has several graffitied containers all painted by Gage Cox, a local Quad Cities artist.

I decided to start painting my containers so that when people ordered one, they wouldn't be getting an ugly box sitting in their driveway. It's somethig that sticks out and the kids like to look at.

-Addison Templeton

One container, in particular, has an amazing story behind its painting. The painting is Iowa Hawkeye-themed. One side features a dramatic photo of Iowa's mascot Herky the hawk, while the other side shows the famous wave of the fans to the children in the hospital. (Photos Below) For those who have never been to an Iowa game, at the end of each first quarter, thousands of fans, players, coaches, and staff members in Kinnick Stadium turn to wave at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital, which overlooks the stadium. Each time this container gets rented, Templeton donates a portion of the rental to the children's hospital.

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Templeton has also generously given back to his community by donating one of his containers to his hometown of DeWitt. He provided the container for community-wide use for the disposal of recyclable products. Persons can use it to rid themselves of aluminum and metal cans, plastic, paper, and cardboard products. (Photo Below)

AT Disposal Painted Containers

Here are some of the Painted AT Disposal Containers that can be rented.

To learn more about AT Disposal, click here to visit the website or call 563-221-1323 for a quote to solve your waste removal needs!

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