Lets be honest. Not much good has come out of 2020. That's why we are giving out awards to all the B100 listeners who have been pushing through 2020. We have four awards, and you can win them by messaging us on any social media, or here on the B100 App.


Share your 2020 or COVID story for a chance to win these trophies. The categories are:

Safest Person In The QC: If you have a story about how safe you were during 2020, let us know!

Most Time Wasted: Were you a pro at wasting time? Well now that could get you some trophies! Just tell us about it.

Longest Time Spent At Home: Who spent the most time at home? Was it you?

Craziest COVID Story: We will take any story you have! Just share it for your chance to win!

Good luck to all of our participants, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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