It was a tight battle, but we officially have a winner! B100's Pumpkin Carving Champion of 2018 is... *drumroll*

Janice Lynn!

Janice worked hard on her pumpkin and created a design that honors all those that serve. Take a look:

Janice Lynn

The pumpkin reads "All gave some, Some gave all." Below the words is an image of a soldier kneeling in front of a cross. Janice's pumpkin got more than 100 votes, making her our champ!

Still, it was a close race! Here are some runners up who deserve honorable mention:

  • 2nd: Amber K.
  • 3rd: Travis B.
  • 4th: Tara G.

We had so many awesome entries, making this Halloween extra fun. Thanks to everyone who entered! Now, we move onto the season of turkey (a whole different kind of carving!), shopping and cozy sweaters.

But don't forget about those crazy candy sales that'll be happening in the next few days! It's a truly beautiful time.

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