Robert Marrott

QC favorite Barrel House is adding to their menu, and these new options look pretty incredible. According to their Facebook page, their "Exotic Burgers" menu will feature five new tasty selections that are all non-beef, including the Wild Boar Burger, Bison with Feta and Basil, Greek Burger, Sriracha Salmon Burger, and a Black Bean Burger.

I have to say that I am pretty pumped that Barrel House is switching things up a bit with new options, and especially excited that they're offering a vegetarian option. With avocado, pico, and chipotle mayo on top, the Black Bean Burger sounds far from boring or tasteless.

The rest of the burgers sound amazing, too. There's pretty much nothing you can put sriracha on that I won't immediately want to consume, and I think the Salmon Burger will be no exception. And the Bison with Feta and Basil sounds perfect for chowing down this summer on Barrel House's patio. Got to love a restaurant that is not afraid to experiment with interesting flavors.

According to their Facebook page, the new non-beef options will be rolling out soon, but no word yet on whether or not they will be on the menu at all of the restaurant's locations.

Check out the new options here.

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