Heads up Rock Island residents, be sure to secure your cars as best as possible; there's been a recent spike in car break-ins.

There were ten break-ins between Tuesday and Thursday nights alone. According to WQAD, they all occurred on the same block too; every report came from "between 24 Avenue and 25 Avenue from 42 Street to 45 Street."

According to the police, all the cars were unlocked. At this point, they're not sure what exactly was stolen, but some property definitely came up missing. Seven of the break-ins were criminal trespasses, which means the car was opened but nothing was stolen.

It's an unfortunately harsh reminder to lock your cars any time you aren't in them. And realistically, you should probably lock them even when you're inside, particularly if you're just sitting in park after getting groceries or sending a text.

Some thieves will get into cars because they can, not because they're looking for anything in particular. Keep your stuff and yourself safe!

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