Every week should be a fiesta... in your belly!

We took to Yelp! to find out what Quad Citian's favorite taco places are, and the results are in:

  • Los Primos Mexican Restaurant, Yelp!
    Los Primos Mexican Restaurant, Yelp!

    Los Primos Mexican Grill

    1143 E. Locust St. | Davenport, IA

    I grew up on a ranch in New Mexico and it's like a trip back "home"! Fantastic, authentic texted and they even have a drive through window. Call ahead and pick up in minutes. DON'T MISS TACO TUESDAY. A BUCK EACH FOR BIG FILLING TACOS!

    -Jane W. via Yelp!

    Yelp! rating: 4.5 stars

  • Nally's Kitchen, Yelp!
    Nally's Kitchen, Yelp!

    Nally's Kitchen

    1622 Rockingham Rd. | Davenport, IA

    The food was outstanding!  Everything is cooked with fresh homemade ingredients. The salsa was super fresh and delicious. I ordered the chicken enchiladas and boy were they good!... Their chicken tacos were full of flavor and were done right!

    -Lee M. via Yelp!

    Yelp! rating: 4.5 stars

  • El Mexicano, Yelp!
    El Mexicano, Yelp!

    El Mexicano

    448 Railroad Ave. | Moline, IL

    My friend's favorite Mexican food is carnitas (pork tacos), so she tries them at every Mexican restaurant we visit (and we've been to many in the Quad Cities). These were her favorite.

    -Jason Y. via Yelp!

    Yelp! rating: 4.5 stars

  • Las Regias, Yelp!
    Las Regias, Yelp!

    Las Regias

    1231 5th Ave. | Moline, IL

    Stopped in for lunch today and was really impressed with the quality and authenticity of the food. Good value for the portion sizes and the waitress was very attentive. The chips were crunchy and the salsa was delicious with a little zip to it. The tacos were overflowing with fresh ingredients, not greasy at all. I'll be back next time I'm hungry for Mexican food.

    -Denny L. via Yelp!

    Yelp! rating: 4 stars

  • La Rancherita, Yelp!
    La Rancherita, Yelp!

    La Rancherita

    4118 14th Ave. | Rock Island, IL

    I got the large combo. It was great. Comes with a taco, an enchilada, toastada, rice and beans for $8.50 it's a lot of food!  Also had an horchata to drink. I got mine with steak and it was the best Mexican restaurant steak I've had. Everything met and exceeded my expectations. Five stars.

    -Matthew C. via Yelp!

    Yelp! rating: 4 stars

  • Azteca, Yelp!
    Azteca, Yelp!


    4811 N. Brady St. | Davenport, IA

    The Food: Delicious rice and beans, awesome homemade salsa & fresh chips. My boyfriend got the steak tacos -- I normally don't love steak but the flavor was incredible and the steak was perfectly cooked, it was delicious!

    -Kaley S. via Yelp!

    Yelp! rating: 3.5 stars

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