Are you brave enough to visit the Blue Angel of Muscatine?

Legend has it that an angel statue inside of a mausoleum at Greenwood Cemetery once held a rose in her hand, and if she dropped the rose while you were in front of her, you were cursed to die.

Her hand was eventually removed, but some say it reappears at night, holding the rose, and waiting for her next victim. Supposedly, the sky will also turn red upon approaching the Blue Angel. Eyewitnesses have said they've heard screams coming from the Blue Angel, and the strong feeling of being watched has also been reported.

The Blue Angel got her name from the bluish tint she gets when sun shines through the stained glass behind her, giving her an eerie, luminescent glow. This only adds to the Angel's creep factor.

Although the Blue Angel is a compelling story, it does sound a bit far fetched. Then again, I've never visited her myself, so I can't really say for certain. As with any local legend, I would take the Blue Angel with a grain of salt. But if you would like to visit her, Greenwood Cemetery is a quick 30 mile trip from the QCs. Definitely worth checking out if you're into the paranormal.

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