When you're biking to work or just to get around town, you're saving a lot of money and helping the environment. The only issue with biking to work is that it can be a far ride. I can already feel the sweat dripping off my face.

The City of Davenport is letting those that are celebrating Bike To Work Week in Davenport have a chance to rest their legs and save money by using their bike as their bus fare.

In a social media post last week, the Davenport Public Works Department and the City of Davenport announced that people who want to use the bus while riding their bikes can use their bikes as their bus fare aboard the CitiBus.

Officials say that this week only (May 15-21), riders who connect with CitiBus on their bike just need to place their bike on the rack on the front of the bus to ride for free. Linking with a bus extends the distance you can travel and multiplies your travel options.

Davenport city officials remind those who plan on using this option that space could be limited and each bus can accommodate up to 2 bikes on the bike rack at a time. If the space on the rack is full at the time of trying to ride on the bus for free, city officials say to try again on your next bus trip.

Explore Davenport this week all while getting some good exercise and utilizing the great services the City of Davenport has to offer.

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