The weekend winter weather brought challenges to drivers across the the QCA, but the slick roads really got the best of one driver in East Moline.

Saturday, January 11, a morning with slick roads throughout the Quad Cities, a driver crashed into a house in East Moline. The East Moline police department posted a photo of the vehicle crashed into the house on social media. The police department shared the photo to their Facebook page, reminding drivers to allow extra time for travel and to go slowly, if you must go out at all.

“We don’t want you to end up like this citizen this morning,” the police department included in their post. The crash happened sometime 8 a.m. near the intersection of 10th and 18th Avenue in East Moline.

According to their Facebook post, there was nobody inside the home when the crash happened and there were no reported injuries.

More winter weather is on it's way towards the end of this week. Remember, if you need to leave your residence during a winter storm, make sure your car has plenty of gas and you have a blanket, snow scraper, a bag of ice melting salt, plenty of gas, an roadside emergency kit, jumper cables, cellphone charger and any other necessary items to keep you safe, prepared inside your vehicle.

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