If you own a home in parts of Davenport, you could receive some money to help spruce up your home. The City of Davenport announced that they are taking applications for the Davenport DREAM Project, a program that gives residents money for home improvements.

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On Monday, the City of Davenport announced they are now taking applications for the fourth round of the Davenport DREAM Project. The Davenport DREAM Project is a neighborhood restoration project that gives residents who apply and are approved money to make improvements to their homes.

The City of Davenport says that the fourth round of the DREAM Project has $900,000 in funding available for new and existing homeowners in the DREAM Project area who want to make improvements to their property.

Officials say that the DREAM Project has awarded nearly $2.7 million to transform and revitalize 138 properties in the DREAM Project area over the past three years.

For those who receive the $20,000 grant that are new homeowners, city funds will assist with needed exterior improvements first, and then the remaining funds can be used towards interior improvements.

Existing homeowners in the DREAM Project area that apply and receive the $20,000 grant can make improvements to the facade (exterior) of the home.

The $20,000 grant for both groups will be forgiven over five years and homes receiving the grant must be owner-occupied during this period.

Applications for the fourth round of the DREAM Project opened on Monday, May 16th. Applications will be taken until June 3, 2022. Residents in the DREAM Project area that are new homeowners or existing homeowners in the area can apply for a $20,000 grant.

Contract owners and current homeowners within the DREAM Plus area are not eligible to apply, according to officials.

If you live in the Davenport DREAM Project area and you want to apply for this grant, you can click here to apply. More details about the Davenport DREAM Project can be found here.

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