Mother's Day is this weekend. Don't forget the woman who brought you into this world because, as my mom always puts it, she can take you out of it (I normally heard that when I was in trouble along with my full name).

According to PR NEWSWIRERetailMeNot asked mom's what they really want for Mother's Day. Let me help you out, mom just wants a nice dinner, flowers, or a gift card. Pretty easy huh. Mom also wants to be pampered. Take her to get her hair done, a massage, or a trip somewhere. For some without the means to go over the top for mom, she also wants a nice card.

It's really not that hard. Is Mother's Day a Hallmark Holiday?  According to a new survey, 53% of people say yes . . . we make such a big deal out of it because it's been so commercialized. So maybe pick up the phone and just tell mom Happy Mother's Day. All she really wants is to be thought of.




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