It's National Girl Scout day, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate! One awesome way to do that in the Quad Cities is donating cookies to local heroes!

Waterloo Iowa's Bravest Armory
Waterloo Iowa's Bravest Armory/Girl Scouts contributed photo

There is also a trend of matching cookies up with alcohol! Yes this new drinking game is an absolute hit!

Wine and Girl Scout Cookies

No matter what day it is, the girl scouts are always hooking you up with their legendary cookies!

Steel your resolve. Dieters, beware! There are Girl Scouts everywhere, and they’re all trying to sell you kryptonite … aka, their most delicious cookies. Whether your favorite flavor is minty Thin Mints or gooey Tagalongs, we can all agree that Girl Scout cookies make the world go round. They’re so good, they deserve a holiday. And they have one … of sorts. Get ready to celebrate this March 12, because it’s National Girl Scout Day! Part of Girl Scout Week, National Girl Scout Day commemorates the anniversary of the first Girl Scout meeting. In 1912, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low organized the meeting in Savannah, Georgia. And Girl Scouts has only grown from there! So grab a cookie (or 12) and get ready to celebrate.

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My favorite is their mint cookies! What's yours? let us know through the B100 App! More information about this national holiday can be found here. 

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