Hello Angels. It's been 16 years, but we are back. That said, we aren't necessarily better than ever. Let's dive into the next chapter.

Elizabeth Banks's take on Charlie's Angels is not a reboot; it's a continuation. That's established quite clearly at the beginning of this movie, with a montage of photos of the original TV angels, along with shots from the Diaz/Barrymore/Liu films. (There's a weird Bill Murray switch-out within that, which I couldn't quite understand, but we'll roll with it).

We're immediately introduced to our newest team of Angels: Sabina (Kristen Stewart) and Jane (Ella Balinska). Together, they're a lethal duo. They nail the classic Angels fight scene, complete with disguises, distractions and humor.

The main issue is that they aren't a regular team. Jane and Sabina got paired for this mission, but they don't always work together. In this non-professional reviewer's opinion, that hurts the movie.

In the Charlie's Angels films of the early 2000s, establishing how long the girls have been working together allows for more emotional resonance. Here, they have to get to know and trust each other, and many of the emotional moments feel a bit choppy, which is odd for Elizabeth Banks's usually flawless writing.

That said, Banks is writing right into the wheelhouses of all her actresses, including Angel newcomer Naomi Scott as Elena. These women are fun to watch together, and clearly having fun within their characters.

This Angels film is also distinctly more graphic than what you might remember. It pulled some audible reactions out of me in the theater (sorry fellow theatermates!).

All in all, it's a fun watch – if you're already into the spy genre and previous Charlie's Angels movies. If this is your first time with the angels....stick to the original movie trio.

NOTE: Stay for the credits! There are a few mid-credits scenes with fun cameos you don't want to miss.

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