WOOOOHOOOOO! It's another weekend! Time for some r&r. Well, for some of us. I'll be out and about this weekend Dj'ing. If you're going to be out and end up having "too much fun" chances are you're going to feel it in the morning. I have my personal ways to fight off the dreaded hang-over with some ibuprofen and water before I go to bed, but it doesn't always work.

If you're HUNGOVER right now and you're trying to beat it by pounding Bloody Marys . . . first of all, have a great day at work.  And second of all, I've got some bad news for you.

A new study found that the WORST way to treat a hangover is to try to drink it off.  The researchers found that we THINK alcohol helps because it temporarily numbs the pain . . . but ultimately, your symptoms will come back even stronger.

So what IS the best cure?  Unfortunately, the researchers say the only thing that'll really work is time.

Oh, the Cubs are on TV Saturday against L.A. I better stock up on ibuprofen.

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