Merry Christmas in July! There are exactly five months until the real holiday, but today we take the time to celebrate early (well, some of us). But this "holiday" actually has a real root.

Whether you think it's too early or not, we can pretty much all agree on one thing: it's hot. Most people believe that Christmas in July is just a way to express that we want the weather to be a bit cooler. That's not untrue, but the real beginning of Christmas in July supposedly goes back a few decades to Europe.

The story is that a group of tourists went on vacation to Sydney, Australia. They ventured through the Blue Mountains in the summer of July 1980. Up in the mountains, there was snow – a nice break from the heat. So, they convinced the owner of a local hotel to hold a party called "Yulefest".

Everyone loved it, including the hotel owner, so he held a Christmas Party each year in July from then on and the rest is history!

With that, I say a Merry Christmas in July to all, and to all a goodnight!

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